Tim Pells


University Centre Colchester (Colchester Institute) 


I am Head of Contemporary Strings, leading a fine team of professional players teaching on our Diploma, Degree, and Postgraduate programmes. I am also Lecturer, teaching a range of subjects in Classical Music, Popular Music, and Composition. I have special input in modules relating to Songwriting, and Education, and I am Personal Tutor to many fine learners on Diploma (Popular Music) and BA (Education) programmes.


Centre for Young Musicians (Guildhall School) London


I have led the Guitar Department at CYM since 1984. The team of teachers contain some of the finest players and teachers in the UK:


- Vincent Lindsey-Clark – classical guitar, orchestra, composition

- David Parsons – early music, classical guitar, Jazz

- Steph Curran – classical guitar, junior guitar, mixed guitar ensembles

- Ramon Goose – Blues and Jazz guitar,  West and North African music

- Alex Lynne –  fingerstyle guitar, classical guitar, bass, songwriting

- Jonny McCourt – Jazz, Musicianship


Students at CYM are there because they have a special commitment to music, and every year we send guitarists to universities and music colleges all over the UK. Classical Guitar, both solo and in ensemble, is the founding instrument of the CYM Guitar programme, but in recent years I have diversified the Department’s work to embrace Acoustic fingerstyle and plectrum guitar, Jazz, Accompaniment, Bass, and Songwriting. Students leaving CYM Guitar Department should be in touch with current music industry trends, and should be able to make good decisions about their future in the music profession.


Private Teaching


I work as a teacher and consultant in a wide range of contexts. I have spent my career designing Guitar programmes for schools, collaborating with education authorities and local government Music Hubs, delivering and promoting workshops in schools and colleges throughout the UK, and trying to be available for music enthusiasts and learners anywhere I am asked.


I teach privately on a range of subjects including:

- music college entry requirements

- graded exam preparation, and performance coaching

- alternative styles and approaches

- composition and songwriting (and theory too!)

- enthusiasm and alternative strategies if your playing is in a rut


Contact me for a chat if you feel I could help in any way.



Tim Pells